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You don’t know how to market your book in Germany? Let us  help you!

  • We can find reviewers for you.
  • We can translate Facebook posts for you.
  • We can help you with Instagram posts, Tweets, and much more!
  • We can notify readers about your price promotions through various outlets.
  • Need help writing a blurb according to German reading conventions? We have got you covered!
  • We can run blogger campaigns for you!

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Examples for teasers used for social media


Example of a recent Instagram campaign:

For the release of Jana DeLeon’s fourth book in her Miss-Fortune-series, I involved 7 bloggers in picking out the final cookie recipe for the book. They each received a package with four cover postcards and three recipe cards.

(Photo credit: @Lieblingsleseplatz)

Each blogger was to post her favorite recipe on a specific day. The visibility and reach of the campaign made for an incredible book launch!