Setting up an Author Central page on Amazon Germany

Do you have an Author Central page on Of course you do. But have you considered setting up your author site for non-English speaking countries?

Most readers in Germany speak and understand at least a little English. By making your information available on Amazon, you can direct them to your website or your Facebook page and list all your books for easy access.

Setting it up for German Amazon is simple. First, go to It should allow you to sign in with your regular account. If not, simply create a new one. Keep your Author Central page open for reference. Most features will be the same so you can compare the questions and easily fill in the required answers. Make sure you include the address of your blog or website so you can direct readers to a place where they can interact with you or sign up for your newsletter.

Providing all information in English is fine, but you definitely get bonus points for having your Author Central content translated by a professional translator! It will impress your readers and give you an edge over authors who didn’t think of that particular marketing tool.

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