Four easy and free tips to help boost your book sales in Germany

Do you have books out in Germany? Are you looking for some easy things to help boost sales? We have a few tips for you:

•   Create a media kit for your author website with a photo of yourself and a short bio for bloggers to use when they blog about you or your books. This way you save time and don’t have to answer a lot of requests for those things. German bloggers are very cautious about lifting images off the internet and will not simply just download your book cover or author photo from Amazon or any other sales platform, for legal reasons. Make it easy for them and provide them with images to use.

•   Put all your translated books on your website, ideally with a downloadable cover for reviews. See tip number one above!

•   Review your book prices: prices ending in „unusual numbers“ (i.e. 62 cents instead of 99, for example) are considered “unprofessional”. Make sure to consider whether VAT will be deducted or is included in the price you set.

•    Make sure your books are in the correct categories at This will be an extra blog post this week since Amazon has changed some required keywords for certain categories.

Do you have any other tips to share?




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