Why did we write this guide?

So who are we, and why did we write this guide?

We are Corinna Wieja and Jeannette Bauroth, both translators who have been translating British and American novels for German publishers for many years, and who are now working successfully with American self-published authors. For more about us and our services, visit our website at www.indie-translations.com.

One of the reasons we decided to write this book was that in our contacts with authors and discussions with people in the field, we discovered that there is a great deal of confusion about what is and is not allowed in Germany. We also found that authors were frustrated because they had no clue how to go about finding a good translator, and many had learned the hard way how things can go wrong. Finally, we discovered a lot of misinformation going around about certain legal aspects, like the copyright to the translation. On all these things and more, we hope that the knowledge we have acquired in our years in the business can help you.


From: “Selling your novel in Germany, or how to end up with a real Krautpleaser”

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